Master Brent Messmer

When Master Messmer was twelve years old, he and his mother began studying Tae Kwon Do together. Master Grove was their teacher.  

Throughout his career he has won many awards and trophies in sparring and forms competition. In black belt division, he placed either first or second in Indiana USTU State competition for several consecutive years. He placed 5th at Jr. Nationals and later as an adult he competed at the USTU National level for several years.

After he had earned his First Degree Black Belt, he began learning the art of teaching. He has years of experience teaching all ages of kids and adults. He has taught and seen vast improvements in children with several learning disabilities, including ADD and ADHD.

Over twenty years later, Mr. Messmer is still learning. He is still growing in his love for the art and the passion for teaching that Master Grove passed down to him.